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Scholastic Logo

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Scholastic has been the market leader of Australian children’s publishing for over 50 years, bringing the joy of reading to multiple generations of Australian families.

Scholastic operates on a unique model, proudly partnering with both Australian schools and major retailers. You can find Scholastic products in Book Club, Book Fairs, the classroom, and retail chains and independent booksellers.

Scholastic believes that all children should have regular access to quality, affordable books that they have chosen for themselves. Reading ignites a spark of adventure that a child can carry within their heart well into their adult life. Scholastic hopes to light this spark within every child.

Book Club offers an exciting way for teachers to engage their students with reading and to enable them to reach their highest potential—strengthening their vocabularies, critical thinking skills and broadening their knowledge of the world around them.

Book Fairs offer an exciting, hands-on book buying experience, where children are encouraged to browse and interact with any book title that genuinely catches their interest.

School Essentials is a learning and literacy partner for every educator and school community. School Essentials is curated especially for Australian and New Zealand educators and offers curriculum-based resources to create inspiring learning environments.

Scholastic partners with Australian and New Zealand schools to provide trusted, extensively-researched educational products and programs for the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy.

Scholastic Rewards are a form of currency created by Scholastic as a way to give back to schools. Scholastic has given away more than $8 million in Scholastic Rewards, helping to stretch countless school and classroom budgets further.

Australian Standing Orders

ASO is a unique alternative to book buying, designed especially for Primary and Secondary school libraries. We are a subscription service offering the best new releases from all Australian publishers, together with comprehensive teacher notes which provide ideas for classroom activities and discussion.
Australian Standing Orders

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3 / 4
4 / 4

Scholastic in the Community
Scholastic in the Community
Scholastic in the Community
Scholastic Retail

Where you can find our Books

Scholastic is Australia’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. An extensive range of Scholastic titles and licensed products can be found in major retail chains and independent booksellers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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